Why are multiple Flare bars showing up on my blog index page?

If you have multiple excerpts of your posts on your blog index page, and Flare is showing the same counts for all of them this is currently due to a limitation of Flare.

Basically, each of the buttons inside your Flare bar are set up by those services (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to only be related to the page upon which they're displayed. This is a security measure that each of those services employs to ensure that when you hit the "Like" button, you are in fact Liking/Tweeting/sharing that specific page, and not something else. It's built-in protection against a practice known as "Likejacking".

This is something we're working to address. In the meantime, you can prevent Flare from showing up on your blog index page, by adjusting your Filters to exclude those index pages. Learn more about Filters here:


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