How do Filters work?

After dropping an app onto your page in the Canvas screen preview area, you'll be asked where this app should be added/displayed on your website:

The choices are as follows:
  • All My Posts - This is a special setting for folks who have connected their WordPress website using the free Filament WordPress plugin. Check it out »
  • Entire Website - Your app will be applied to all pages. NOTE This is only recommended for apps that don't have any output on your pages (e.g. Google Analytics), or that are placed in global elements in your website's layout, like in your header or footer.
  • Only Some Pages - Choose this option to create Filter rules that'll automatically display the app on a group of pages that you specify
  • This Page Only - Only show the app on the current page shown in the preview area
Choosing "All My Posts", or "Only Some Pages" will open up the Filters area, which lets you configure custom rules governing where your app is added/displayed. It looks like this:

Check out these articles to learn more about some of the common ways you can use Filters:

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