What do the different Filter options mean?

Here's a breakdown of the different Filter options:
  • This page and pages that come after itYour app will be shown on www.your-site.com, as well as pages that follow, for example: your-site.com/projects/client-name
  • Only pages that come after this pageIf you dropped an app on your homepage, selecting this option would only show the app on pages after the homepage in your website's URL structure, e.g. your-site.com/about
  • This page onlyMost commonly used when you only want an app to show on one specific page
  • jQuery Selector - (Advanced) You can use any valid jQuery selector to display apps on any pages where a specific selector is found. Examples: Classes like “.main-content”, ID’s such as “#sidebar” or individual elements like “p.author”
  • Post Type - (WordPress users only) This option lets you add your app to some or all of a specific content type in your WordPress website, like all your posts, Pages, categories, or custom post type. To access this option, download and install the Filament WordPress Plugin.

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