Connecting your website: WordPress (Manual installation for nerds)

You can connect your WordPress site to Filament by simply adding your unique code snippet to it (although we really recommend you use the Filament WordPress plugin instead - it gives you cool extra features & Filtering superpowers!).

1. Sign up for your free Filament account (if you haven't already).

2. Once you’re inside your account, click on the profile icon in the top right to reveal a dropdown menu. Select “Get My Code Snippet”...
... and copy the code snippet that appears to your clipboard.

3. In a separate browser tab, log into your WordPress website, and locate the theme editor (if you can’t see it, or don’t have access to it, try pasting it in a widget instead)

4. Find either the file named “header.php” or “footer.php”, and open it. These files are typically included on every page in your site, so they’re the ideal place to put the code snippet, if you want to use Filament apps anywhere on your site.

5. Paste the code snippet into your header file and click “Update File”.

6. Return to Filament, and click “Test Connection”. Filament will ping your site to check that it can see the code. If the light turns green, the trap is clea- uh, I mean, your website is connected ;)

If it didn’t work...

  • Did you save the file after pasting in the code snippet? If not, save it then try again.
  • Are your website files cached? You might need to clear your website’s cache in order to refresh your files – or just come back and try again in 30 minutes (most caches automatically refresh in this time)
  • You can also try adding the snippet via a text widget – note that in this case Filament apps will only work on the pages where that widget is present in your sidebar or footer

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