Why are my sharing counts showing zero shares?


There are a couple common reasons we know of that'll lead to Flare showing zero shares, when a page has in fact been shared:

Duplicate Filament code snippets are on the page

Some users have reported this weirdness, and in most cases, it's because there are 2 or more copies of the Filament code snippet embedded in the website. If you're experiencing similar problems with the Flare sharing counts:
  • go to one of the pages where Flare is misbehaving this way, and inspect the code of your site (Option + Cmd + U in OSX, or Ctrl + U in Windows)
  • Search on the page for the word "filamentapp" (Cmd + F in OSX, or Ctrl + F in Windows)
  • Look in the search field - you should see "1 of 1" in that area - if it's "1 of 2" or more, find the other instances of the Filament code snippet, and remove them

Did you recently switch to HTTPS for all your pages?

If so, check out this article.

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