I'm using Flare Classic. How do I activate the new design for Flare?

Looking to spruce things up by switching over to the fancy new Flare design, huh? That's great! Activating and customizing it is easy. Just log into Filament, then click "Edit" on the Flare bar you want to switch over to the new look. You'll see the following new options under the "Colors & Appearance" section:

1. Turn off Flare Classic

It's as simple as toggling off Flare's old look, and seeing the changes take effect in the live preview. Don't worry, all of your icon color choices and appearance options will be ported over!

2. Play with the icon spacing

Feeling too squished? Or are you working with a tight space in your design? No worries, the icon spacing option has your back - just drag left & right to adjust the spacing between your sharing icons. 

3. To darken, or not to darken?

By default, the count area that's revealed in the new Flare design is darkened, to better contrast with the count number, but you can turn it off, if that doesn't float your boat.

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