When people click my Facebook share, it doesn't show the right page information

This actually isn't a problem with Flare so much as with Facebook's page scraping cache. Facebook scrapes page content on its own and stores a lot of basic information about a page on its own servers. If you change an URL, setup a redirect or Flare happens to be on your post preview pages, sometimes Facebook can scrape the wrong information and your shares look like 404 pages or 301 redirect pages.

Luckily, Facebook provides a tool that allows you to clear their cache for a page on your website. If you have found this happening with an URL on your website, just visit https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ and paste in the problem URL. Click the Debug button to see what content Facebook has scraped.

If what you see from what Facebook thinks your page looks like doesn't actually look right, just click the Fetch new scrape information button to clear Facebook's cache and get the latest data.

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