I'm getting a 400 error when I click "Connect Google Analytics Now"

If you are getting a 400 error page after clicking the Connect Google Analytics Now button, its most likely because you are using Google's multi-account sign-in service (see this page in Google's documentation for more information). Unfortunately, Google has not at the time of this writing addressed use of this service in their OAuth workflow.

Luckily, the solution here is easy by using the "Incognito" or "Private Browsing" capabilities of your favorite web browser. Log into your Filament account in the "Private Browsing" window and go through the connection process. Log into the Google account of your choice in the "Private Browsing" window and you should be able to connect just fine. You only need to use this "Private Browsing" window when you initially connect, so feel free to close that window when you're done connecting.

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