Why does my Flare bar appear broken?

We've tested Flare on a wide variety of sites with no issues, but in reality every website is coded differently. If Flare is appearing a little distorted on your site, it's very likely that the CSS styles of your site or theme are overriding the ones that Flare uses for itself. This means that in order to get Flare appearing correctly, you'll need to find the CSS style that's conflicting with Flare, and adjust it. 

There are way too many CSS styles for us to provide solutions for each and every case, but to make things simpler, below is a link to download the entire CSS code for Flare. You can also use Chrome's web inspector (Chrome DevTools) to inspect whatever part of Flare is appearing strangely, determine where the overriding style is coming from, then adjust it as needed.

Download Flare's CSS file »

What if all my share buttons look like the Twitter logo?

That's likely a different issue - this article might be more helpful: All my Flare buttons look like Twitter - what's happening?

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