An important announcement about Twitter's share counts

Twitter has just announced it’s shutting down the technology that allows 3rd-party apps to see how many times your posts have been tweeted. This share count functionality is currently integrated into many software tools around the web, all of which will soon no longer be able to access this information. Unfortunately, Filament Pro and Flare are among the tools affected by this decision.

Here’s the official announcement from Twitter

What this means

The announcement was published last week, and only mentions that this would be happening “next month”, which we can only assume to mean October - so this change could happen at any time.

We’re investigating a number of possible approaches to continue providing you insights on your visitors' tweets of your content. We'll update this article as soon as we’ve decided how best to proceed - but in the meantime, if the sharing counts are important to you, we encourage you to tell Twitter your thoughts.

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