What permissions am I giving Filament when I connect it to my Google Analytics account?

When you authorize Filament to have access to your Google Analytics account, there are two layers of permissions involved:

1. Application permissions

Application Permissions control what Filament be allowed to do. We only request read-only permission of Google Analytics profiles for the authorizing your Google Analytics account, meaning Filament cannot modify the data in your account.

2. User permissions

User Permissions are controlled from within Google Analytics. When a you authorize Filament, it's as though Filament is operating as you. This means that anything your user account can access, Filament can access too. If at any point you're concerned about your data, you can revoke Filament's access to your Google Analytics account in your Manage Apps section of your Google account. If you would like to limit what Google Analytics profiles Filament can access, we recommend you authorize using an account that only has the level of access to Google Analytics that you're comfortable with. Bear in mind that once you've authorized Filament to connect to your Google Analytics account, you're not required to stay logged into that Google account to use Filament.

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