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  1. All my Flare buttons look like Twitter - what's happening?

  2. An important announcement about Twitter's share counts

  3. Can I use Filament in my local environment?

  4. Can you log into my website to fix this problem?

  5. Code of Conduct

  6. Common Filters: Only show on blog posts

  7. Common Filters: Only show on homepage

  8. Common Filters: Only show on specific pages

  9. Common Filters: Show on all pages except homepage

  10. Connecting your website: Blogger

  11. Connecting your website:

  12. Connecting your website: Static HTML

  13. Connecting your website: Tumblr

  14. Connecting your website: WordPress (Manual installation for nerds)

  15. Connecting your website: WordPress (with plugin)

  16. Does Filament work with Google Tag Manager?

  17. Does Flare support the Facebook Share button?

  18. How can I adjust the positioning of my Flare bar?

  19. How can I attach my Flare bar to a specific page element?

  20. How come Flare mobile isn't showing up on my website?

  21. How do Filters work?

  22. How do I add another website to my account?

  23. How do I remove Flare from my pages?

  24. How do I stick the Flare bar to the edge of the browser window?

  25. How do I toggle the Filament branding?

  26. How good is my Engagement Score?

  27. How to deploy Flare to your site

  28. How to stop engagement tracking

  29. I switched my site to HTTPS, and all my counts are zero now - what happened?

  30. I'm getting a 400 error when I click "Connect Google Analytics Now"

  31. I'm using Flare Classic. How do I activate the new design for Flare?

  32. My code snippet isn't on my homepage. Can I still use Filament?

  33. Nothing happens when I click on the "All my posts" popup - help!

  34. Positioning your Flare bars with CSS Selectors

  35. What are Filters? Why should I use them?

  36. What do the different Filter options mean?

  37. What permissions am I giving Filament when I connect it to my Google Analytics account?

  38. What's the number for phone support?

  39. When can I get support?

  40. When people click my Facebook share, it doesn't show the right page information

  41. Where is my Twitter share count?

  42. Why are multiple Flare bars showing up on my blog index page?

  43. Why are my Flare bar's tooltips cut off?

  44. Why are my share counts incorrect?

  45. Why are my sharing counts showing zero shares?

  46. Why are there no shares in Filament Pro?

  47. Why aren't you maintaining the Flare WordPress plugin any more?

  48. Why does my Flare bar appear broken?

  49. Why doesn't the email icon show a count in my Flare bar?

  50. Why is my Engagement Score important?

  51. Why is my Flare bar only displaying as a vertical bar on the edge of the browser window?

  52. Why is my Flare bar stuck to the edge of my browser window?

  53. Why isn't my Flare bar showing up?

  54. Will I lose my existing shares if I switch to Flare? I'm scared...

  55. WordPress: "You don't have permission to access that page" error when using the plugin

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